To be called a Christian carries a lot of power and responsibility. I believe that calling yourself a Christian qualifies you to be a disciple and follower of Christ. It is not just solely and merely based on our attendance in church or bible meeting. So many of us consider ourselves as a Christian, yet we have not allowed the Father to take over our lives; thus becoming the Master of our lives. The key to unlocking the door of being called a Son of God is just by being born again! Yes, and when I say born again, it doesn’t mean being born into a Christian family and attending church with your family every Sunday. Neither does it mean trying to fit in with society’s popular belief or religion. This is what being born again truly means; accepting you are a sinner, believing in your heart that Christ came to die for you and confessing Him as Lord of your life (Romans 10:9-10).

You might be wondering why I am writing this, when most of the readers are Christians and are believed to be “born again”. I was listening to a preaching by Pastor Prince when he began to talk about Matthew 7:21 – “Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of heaven…” then as I craved for a deeper understanding of that scripture, because in my spirit I felt I would be in that category. The Lord now showed me this scripture as I wrote this piece John 3: 1- 8. This is the story of Nicodemus, who was a Pharisee, thus very knowledgeable of the word of God (the Law), yet was not born again, hence still walking and living in the flesh (John 3:6).

When you become born again, it is no longer you who lives or acts, but the Spirit of God lives in you and gives you a new home and destiny (a son of God) (Romans 8: 14-16). In addition, you no longer walk in your own will but in the will of the Father to act in order to fulfill his good purpose (Philippians 2:13). I know some of you might be sad knowing that being called a Son of God does not equal regular church attendance, but by an easier, simpler way.

It would be such a sad scene when we find many of our own brothers and sisters in the church being denounced on the Day of Judgment simply because they failed to understand the act of SALVATION.

After reading this, just take a few moments and take part in this exercise of question and answer while searching deep within your heart:

Is God your Father? Can you sincerely look up to heaven and say ‘Father God’? Is his Spirit bearing witness with your Spirit daily that you are a child of God? Do you have the Holy Spirit in your Spirit crying ‘Abba, Father’ – Romans 8:14-16 (Kenneth E. Hagin, New Birth)

If you do, that is awesome because you are BORN AGAIN but if not you need to surrender your life, will, and heart to Him today. Some of you may have been born again but still answered no to these questions, all you have to do is re-dedicate your life to Jesus and trust him to make you BRAND NEW! (2 Corinthians 5: 17)

I sign out with this lovely scripture Matthew 13: 1- 28

Abigail Frimpong