In our secular jobs, we are always on top of our game to get things done. Why? We want to be promoted. Most importantly, we don’t want to get fired. Why again? The job pays the bill. We also do these jobs irrespective of the personality of our bosses.

Now, may I point it out to you that God also runs a business – yes, saving souls for eternal glory!!  This write-up is for those who see themselves as God’s employees and are not working to please Him. God as a Boss can fire His employee with instantaneous judgment like Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11) for unethical conducts against Kingdom values. However, even though God never lowers His standard and He is THE BOSS, God can still act like an employee at your service. Just like He did to King Saul (1 Samuel 15), God is the only Boss that fires you and still allows you to keep working. God is the only Boss that fires you, and instead of asking you to leave, He is the one who leaves. He also fires the worker and will not always notify the co-workers. He expects his loyal employees not to work with an employee He is not standing with. Now ask yourself, can I recognize the difference between the gift of God and the presence of God? Can I tell who God is standing with or am I easily swayed by the excellency of speech or by what I call “spiritual gymnastics” (1 Corinthians 2:1 -13). Am I just full of activities, moving in a circle rather than moving ahead and getting work done? Is the praise about God or about me? Is the worship all about raising the emotions man or declaring the glory of God? Whose YES is more important to me, man or God? Am I concerned about increasing saved souls or attendance? Who do I want people to see, me or God?  AM I FIRED? These are questions we should ask about ourselves as God’s workers and about people we have chosen to follow, who are also God’s workers.

It is high time we examined ourselves (Psalm 32:5, 2 Corinthians 13: 5), and be like the watchful servants (Luke 12:35-36). The good news is, when we fail and God leaves, He never quits being your Boss. He never quits!!! He is not just working with you but His eyes are on you, waiting for you to beckon Him over. He is waiting for your soul to cry out to Him in humility. In fact, He is at the door knocking (Rev 3:20).  David was a man who always find his way back to God. Let us be like Him. No matter the extent of your failure, whoever comes to Him, He will never reject (John 6:37). Another good news is that God pays His employees more than any secular job. He blesses them with the blessings of Abraham and also still builds a home for them in His Sanctuary. His rewards are eternal unlike the perishable rewards of our earthly jobs.

Finally, let us be like Jesus, the author and finisher if our faith (Hebrews 12:2), who understood His Father’s business, who did all His Father asked Him, and who knew the glory set before. I pray that God Himself will help us serve Him for His pleasure and purpose – in spirit and in truth. I also pray that every lost soul will find a path back to God. Amen

Stay blessed