Hello Readers, here is another one to begin this week saying, we should desire more and more of God.

Psalm 63:1- O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;(KJV)

Psalm 63 is one my favourites because it demonstrates the passion the Psalmist had for God. Little wonder why he was called a man after God’s Heart.  I know we all know that we need God, but how many times do we consider the aspect of “wanting” Him. From the Bible verse above, we can tell the writer is in a state of desperate need (“…in a dry and thirsty land where no water is…”). But what else do we get from him?

Many of us are or have been in a relationship, and if neither of those, may have a good idea of what it means to be in one. And from our knowledge we know how much love birds spend talking to and hanging out with each other. We know how much they miss each other whenever they are apart. I am pretty sure no one would appreciate a partner who simply chooses to hang out with you just because he/she sees it as a necessity to keep the relationship going. In the same way, God desires our attention, not because He is trying to bully us, or Lord Himself over us. But because He is so fond of us.

God is multidimensional (that is a mere understatement). He is a Father, Ruler, Saviour, King, Master, Friend, Teacher, Brother, Husband, Lover to mention a few. He is a Lover. The Psalmist mentions in Psalm 63:1, “…my flesh longeth for thee…”. Now not only does his soul long and cry out for God, but also His flesh. Permit me to relate his “flesh” in this context to his “senses”. His emotion and desires have also fallen in love with the Person of YAHWEH. He has been transported into a realm of “Spiritual Romance”. Where it is not just about the songs, words and knowledge (mind knowledge), but intimate fellowship where He is more real than the air we breathe. That is where He desires His Bride to be. Where we groan and cry for more, for intimacy!

The Father is passionate about His children. He shares a place with us where no angel can get to, even though they spend their entire existence worshiping Him. They experience His undiluted presence continually, but they do not have such private, intimate fellowship with God as LOVER. This is my heart cry to enter into His Garden for two only; with The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valleys (Song of Solomon 2:1). This is where I seek to dwell. Sometimes we visit, but we should seek to “dwell” in that secret place (Ps 91:1). I strive to  not just need (because that comes out of a “lack of”), but to want even on the “fullest” days  (because I am sure if we had a partner that only calls or wants to hang out when he/she is lonely, we would not appreciate it). So let God become our craving, our addiction.

HE is Passionate. Remain Passionate.


Victoria Uzowuru.