Hello, stockxpertcom_id528582_size0I hope we have been basking in God’s love. In this Share-The-Word piece, we will be talking about what it means to be a member of God’s family.

The word “membership” has been used in a variety of ways in our society that often does not depict its true meaning. Synonymously, memberships has been replaced by words like affiliation, association, partnership and the likes. Usually, this may just mean you have a card issued by the organization and/or you are registered, and your name will come up from their database if searched.

However, God has showed us what true membership really should be. In Romans 12: 4-5, we’d see that there must be a synergetic involvement of every member i.e. each member has a function and no matter how well it’s done, it must be connected with others’ functions to ensure the whole “entity” functions effectively. The human body is a perfect example.

Note that this is not a call to be a “church boy or girl” but a call to love and fellowship with the brethren – a call to truly become part of the body of Christ. God never made anyone or anything to function in isolation, and relationships are key to knowing yourself. If you are holy in isolation, you are yet to be; try loving an imperfect person.is word In Ephesian 2:19, God even called us family and citizens of His country, and God’s family is the church.

In true membership, just like the human body, if one part is weak or in pain, the whole body feels it and is discomforted. This just tells us that true membership involves bearing each other’s burden, encouraging each other, serving each other, watching over each other, accepting each other, forgiving each other, and celebrating and rejoicing with each other. If one member fails, the whole body has failed and when one member succeeds, the whole body experiences the success.

Minding your business is not allowed in Christs’ family, which is a lot different from being a busybody. It just means to care about your brother and sister, understand them and feel what they feel, be there for them and help them even if they don’t ask. It could be as simple as praying for someone.

I pray that God helps us all to function as true members of his body.

Stay blessed

Written by Oluwaseun E Adedeji