Hi readers, I hope the last write-up was a blessing.

On this same topic of “Image”, imagine you walked to your mirror one morning and as a shocker, you saw a different being. What will be your reaction? Scared, confused, or curious?  Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme but let me assume you just saw two big molds on your face or you seem older and wrinkled than you expected, will you be disturbed?

Now, when God looks at us (His image) every day, He is always either disappointed or pleased. God sees many people become what He did not create them to be. He sees a lot of us becoming less like him and derailing from His original plan. I guess He did not like this and so, He sent His word, the cure for those molds and wrinkles (John 3:16); His Son, an example for us to follow.

Our failure is, we rarely look at Him through His mirror, the word of God. We prefer an edited picture showing us who we are not (the deception of this world). We now see the ways of the world as what make “sense” and we are trying to fit His word to the ways of the world. This is an exact opposite of what He expects to see us do (Rom 12:2). We think we have evolved enough to be in a position to argue with the greatest teacher who knows and understands all things, the speaker of truth (John 14:26; John 15:26).

It is high time we stopped celebrating pride in place of humility, rashness in place of a sound mind (2 Tim 1:7), and reproach as beauty. We are the image of the Almighty. Let us become God’s ambassadors and set the pace for the world (Matt 5:13-14). Let the world look at us and not see their image but the image of God.

I pray today that God will give us a teachable heart and humble spirit. He will continue to shine his light on our path so we continue to live in His will till we become like Him.


Stay blessed

Crystal Clear